10 Best SEO Companies in Gurgaon (Reviewed by Experts)

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is raising search engine traffic to a particular website. SEO focuses on non-payment traffic rather than guide or paid traffic.

Role of an SEO company?

SEO firms strive to increase your exposure in search engine results, so your company can gain more traffic (and, finally, revenue) from search.

Improving search visibility requires SEO companies to perform various tasks, including targeted keywords, link building, content generation, and more.

Best SEO company in Gurgaon

Hiring an SEO company allows your company to earn more money from SEO by giving you access to modern marketing technology, experienced SEO experts, and other resources.

1. SEO Tech Experts Pvt Ltd

SEO Tech Experts Pvt Ltd

Established in 2009, SEO Tech Experts is the Best SEO Company in Gurgaon, offering high-end digital marketing solutions to domestic and international clients. The company’s digital systems are delivered in a very efficient manner through industry professionals. The company has served more than 900+ clients related to various profiles such as real estate, healthcare, educational institutions, fitness centers, salons, manufacturers, architects & interior designers, events management companies, Food & Hotels industries and many more. With a niche in SEO, SEO Tech Experts PVT LTD have been rendering valuable & ROI based online marketing services.

The company’s main selling point is its enormously knowledgeable and eligible team, who are also good listeners and conduct valuable research while continuing to work on Website Promotion.

The experts have new knowledge, responsiveness, and analytical abilities, all required to develop that one big plan that provides results-based achievement marketing services. SEO Tech Experts is indeed one of the best SEO Companies in Gurgaon.

The services provided assist brands in increasing their revenue by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques. Companies are gradually converting to online tools because it’s the most efficient ROI-based resource to help your label sustain in this competitive environment.

Phone: 098712 80005

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2. SEO Craft

SEO Craft

SEO Craft is one of the renowned SEO Company in Gurgaon offering diversified solutions to market the products & services online. As a complete digital marketing services package, the company offers website design & development services, Facebook & instagram promotion, SEO, Performance Marketing & digital marketing training too.

Promote your business virtually and expand your business worldwide. Every search engine has different algorithms and SEO Craft serves wisely to every entrepreneur as per their needs.

Phone: 098712 80005

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3. SachinGupta


Looking for the Digital Marketing & Brand Consultant, Connect with Mr Sachin Gupta. In today’s fast-paced world, every demand is constantly transitioning from an offline to an online platform. To survive in today’s cutthroat competition, you must have a vast internet presence; it is a necessity and no longer an option.

Experience always speaks louder so hire him to brand your company and to build a strong online reputation. Mr Sachin Gupta is a well known SEO & Brand consultant offering consultancy services worldwide.

As a result, many businesses are trying to keep up with the continual competition. This is where the experience of “SachinGupta.” comes into action.

Phone: 098712 80005

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4. EthicalSEO


If you want to increase the profits of your internet business, hire them today!!

In this beautiful world, they are erotic to serve Indian and international customers with ethical SEO and moral web design remedies. They are not going to follow inaccurate procedures; instead, they conduct regular research to umpire the brand awareness and market value further.

With having qualified professionals, the company is able to offer training to enhance awareness towards Digital marketing services. As the name suggests, the company is known to offer ethical SEO services only, no black hat measures will be taken to rank the website. The results may be slow but long term for sure.

Phone: 088005 38685

5. Red Balloon

Red Balloon

A modern and effective front end and back end for your web page are required, allowing you to modify components and information on the website. They have professional competence as a website design company in Gurgaon, which will assist the webpage in achieving its goals.

As a website development company in Gurgaon, they ensure that the website you receive can respond to all viewing platforms, resulting in an optimal and fruitful user experience.

They measure the web design they create for you as Search engine friendly and contain indexable content. They make plugins that assist you in optimizing the on-page aspect from the start.

Phone: 097172 84074

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6. SEO Lizards

SEO Lizards

SeoLizards (A LizardTech Marketing Solutions enterprise) is a Dedicated SEO corporation and a trusted SEO optimisation companion that focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a wide range of advertising services such as Social Media Management (SMO), Article Writing, Internet Marketing, and so on.

They provide committed and result-driven consulting business and SEO customers to clients, from start-ups to corporations.

With their assistance, you will achieve tangible results for your business through a customized promotional campaign that considers your personal goals while planning.

Phone: 097118 64014

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7. SeoCompanyinGurgaon


Are you looking for a digital marketing service to assist your company? The best online advertising firm to meet that need is SEO Services in Gurgaon.

Seo Company in Gurgaon offers the best social media marketing services, including Seo Company, SMO Services, and GMB Promotion. Despite being based in Gurgaon, they also have a business and virtual presence outside their main headquarters. The company has mastered local promotion through SEO & Local SEO services. HIre them to promote your services locally.

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8. GurgaonSEO


When we think of Website promotion, the first thing that comes to thought is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is the most effective way to promote web companies gradually for a long time without investing a lot of money.

Gurgaon SEO is a very well known company in Gurgaon that is mainly aimed at creating proven SEO strategies that can benefit both start-ups and existing businesses. SEO assists in attracting relevant traffic with a higher conversion rate. Of course, Seo agencies are not independent, but a small monthly fee will improve your online visibility. If you are looking for the proven yet affordable SEO solutions, connect with GurgaonSEO and avail valuable SEO services.

Phone: 080585 79668

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9. ITxperts


Striving for all-in-one digital marketing solutions!! IT Xperts can be your best choice. Yes the company offers complete digital solutions at the best and competitive pricing. Its core objective is to serve start-ups and branded companies with the customized online marketing solutions. Be it performance marketing or organic promotion, get under one roof only. Industry professionals of ITxperts are well qualified and experienced to serve you with desired marketing solutions.

An online consultation will help the companies to know more about ITxperts. Furthermore, get a website audit report and get the work estimate done before hiring them. Choose wisely while looking for the best seo companies.


Be it healthcare, real estate, educational institutions, manufacturers, dealers, everyone is in need of online presence which is possible through ethical ways of online promotion. Yes, SEO Tech Experts is one of the most prestigious SEO Companies in India, offering diversified online marketing solutions. With having more than 11 years of experience, the company has gained enough positive online recognition. Start your marketing from the very scratch.

Get your website designed, perform SEO to rank the website organically, run paid campaigns to generate instant leads, brand your products or services through social media presence. Evaluate the performance, and try new technologies to get growing business. You don’t have to worry about digital marketing for doctors because SEO Tech Experts have your back.


Isn’t it a daunting prospect if your targeted consumers select you over your competing companies? Naturally, it will be. SEO companies will assist you in accomplishing this by placing your website at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). To ensure the best results, your SEO marketing agency will dig deep into your company’s objectives.

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