10 Most Popular Types of YouTube Videos in 2022

Creators taking the next step towards YouTube growth are trying out their unique ideas. Videos keep getting better with every passing day and new types of videos start flooding YouTube. Since there are already billions of videos on YouTube, there must be different types of videos from a particular niche.

Out of all the types of videos that people create for their channel, the most popular types of youtube videos attract the most viewers and engagement. Creators who want the most growth look for these popular types of videos.

Best Content for YouTube Videos:

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing Videos - most popular types of youtube videos

The highest engagement is seen in the unboxing videos as they like to get entertained with suspense. Mostly unboxing new tech-based products gets the highest attention. Newly launches smartphones, speakers or laptops are the highest-grossing videos on YouTube.

People are keen on checking out these videos as they want instant reviews of the products that they intend to buy. Viewers get a real-time idea about the newly launched products and the review helps them decide on the right product for them to buy.

Apart from tech unboxing videos, their other one is unboxing irregular or unique items from the different websites just for entertainment purposes. This also includes videos opening mystery boxes from Craigslist or eBay. A mystery box is one of the most famous options for YouTube videos.

It adds a sense of suspense to the YouTube video making it one of the most popular types of youtube videos.  YouTubers also increase the hype by adding stories about the mystery boxes they buy and only revealing the items while uploading the videos. This has a huge upside when it comes to engagement and views.

Challenge Videos

Challenge Videos

The challenge videos on YouTube are now piling up more than a hundred million views. Some YouTube channels are there which only produce challenge videos. People watch it for entertainment and also for the suspense of knowing who the possible winner can be.

Challenge videos are not only limited to their team or crew. Many YouTube channels involve their subscribers or watchers to become a part of the challenge. The best part is the cash reward that the winners get or the overwhelming gift that they get from the creator. Some channels are all about becoming the best and they tend to challenge the world records. The team of creators works on breaking the records live on YouTube.

Challenge videos get the highest view count and view time. This is because the excitement of seeing something new or entertaining keeps them glued to their screens. These challenge videos are set to make billions of views in a few months based on the highest engagement from subscribers.

Educational Videos

Educational Videos - most popular types of youtube videos

Educational videos do not only mean subject-based videos for school or college curricula. YouTube is slowly becoming a place to learn something. With the new demands at work, people are always trying to enhance their skills or learn something new. Experts in specific types of professional skills teach those skills.

Following these channels can help creators get a better job or enhance their skills at work. These videos are getting higher views because people are starting to learn new things while working at home. Without spending a single buck people get to become better at their job. Educational videos are on the rise as creators also provide information to improve finances and develop plans for improving their work-life.

Beyond all of this, there are educational videos for the students as well. Students get the help they need for specific subjects as expert teachers are teaching on YouTube. All these channels recently went to millions of subscribers because of the needs of viewers of different ages.


Vlogs - most popular types of youtube videos

Vlogs are one of the latest trends which became famous recently. Vloggers or video bloggers have always shared a special space on YouTube, but people went crazy about it only recently. With the lockdown restrictions on different planes, it was difficult for the people to visit or travel to new destinations.

Vlogs gave these people some satisfaction that they wanted from their travel plans. Seeing the extensive nature from the lens of the vloggers makes it unique from all other types of YouTube videos. Many creators working on other niches have started creating vlogs seeing the huge viewership and demand.

Present vloggers set their standard in their own way with some iconic content that set them apart. Different types of vloggers are currently posting videos. Among them, the commonest creators are travel vloggers, food vloggers and lifestyle vloggers.

Travel vloggers have their own unique content for YouTube videos from around the world which makes it one of the most popular types of youtube videos. Food vloggers get views from food enthusiasts, while the lifestyle vloggers create vlogs out of their day-to-day lives for which they have a dedicated audience who thoroughly enjoy.

Reaction Videos

Reaction Videos

Recording live reactions to memes from social platforms, other YouTube videos or movie reviews, all comes under reaction videos. It is just for the entertainment of the people as they enjoy the funny reactions of the creator or a panel of reactors checking out those contents. Meme reaction video viewers are rising every single day as people like the funny content.

Many viewers watch reaction videos even after they watch the original content. Some of the reaction channels have millions of subscribers. This is about properly reviewing and reacting to YouTube content and beyond. Viewers love to watch the reactions as they feel that they are seeing it together with their favorite YouTuber.

Reaction videos creators too have different genres of videos to which they react. People are there who watch pranks and comedy videos and react to them. The reaction videos help the viewers get an idea of new YouTube channels that are doing great work. With that expectation, viewers watch reaction video channels.

AMA and Q&A Videos

AMA and Q&A Videos

AMA and Q&A videos are interactive videos from YouTube. All creators make such videos at specific intervals to interact with their audience. It acts as a tool to understand the likes and dislikes of the audience, address the questions that they have and try to learn something that can help them get their attention.

Ask me anything videos are generally live stream. As viewers ask questions, they instantly get a reply from the creators. This increases the engagement and view count of such videos. Q&A videos are pre-recorded videos based on the questions that watchers ask the creator on the different social platforms.

Creators get hundreds of questions and they need to address the questions that they find the most. Viewers remain interested in these videos as they wait for their questions to end up on the YouTube channel, which makes them the most popular types of youtube videos.

Many creators ask people to create videos of them asking questions, just to make it attractive. Viewers also like it when they get featured on the YouTube channel just from a Q&A video. Creators can get some real comments or reviews from their avid watchers that help decide their future videos.

List-Based Videos with Commentary

List-Based Videos with Commentary

Videos showing any top list with live commentary get a good number of views if the content is really interesting. Amazing videos can be created out of lists made for specific subjects. The live commentary works best with it as people do not like only background music with the list of items going on with some additional texts.

The live commentary keeps people engaged as they get to listen to the creator while they closely watch the lists. There are multiple channels that provide list-based videos. Becoming unique among all those channels needs proper research and some unique information.

Generally, channels make the videos on best music creators, players, and more. If they start making something that helps during this time, it gets the highest views. It includes the places to visit, DIY things to have fun at home or even a list of ideas to show creativity staying at home. If this comes with live commentary, people can watch and try doing it.

Comedy Videos

Comedy Videos

Comedy skits gets the highest views on YouTube since the start and the trend remains the same even today. People like to laugh out loud during the day by looking at comedy videos. From comedy, short films, and comedy skits to comedy-based video commentary all have similar results. Any type of comedy video is entertaining with either one or a team of creators working together making the video one of the most popular types of youtube videos.

Higher YouTube viewership also shows the inclination of people to remove the stress of their daily lives and get a better experience. Creators sharing these comedy skits give them the daily dose of fun that they require. Since viewers get their few minutes of fun, they religiously follow those channels. If there is any creator with ideas to create something comedic, they must try it out.

YouTube creators from around the world collaborate to create comedy videos. It is so famous that people from other niches want to create some short skits or videos just to keep their audience entertained. Few comedy video channels have reached the top list of YouTube channels for the most subscribers ever.

Music Videos


It was a struggle to find listeners for good music before. Right now, people are more interested to listen to some unique types of music. People are creating a new genre of music and many people are liking it based on their taste for music. Music viewers are billions and it is completely different from the other types of YouTube videos. Many new music creators have started their journey as YouTube creators and slowly their videos went viral.

It is actually common for famous music creators to get more than a billion views. As the creators already have a huge number of listeners, people wait for their music to launch on YouTube. Many creators also build up the hype with a small teaser of the songs and music videos. This makes people find the music even more attractive and engage in the video.

Music creators who used to perform on stage have now started streaming live. They are sharing their talent with the world and once they get a steady audience, becoming famous takes less time. Creators are taking the help of the best directors and designers to produce a creative YouTube music video that brings the audience back for both the music and visual effects.

Gaming Videos and Streams

Gaming Videos and Streams

The gaming community is the largest all around the world with some people choosing game streaming as a profession. All gaming events get regarded as sporting events now because of the hype. The growth of the gaming community as a whole increased the viewership of the YouTube gaming streams and videos.

Subscribers religiously follow gamers not only for the content, but also to learn the gameplay. Those who aspire to become a gamer like the present streamers watch the videos. This increases the popularity of such videos. Gaming has now become a skill and also a serious profession and with more people joining in, the community will keep growing.

Gaming channels are on the rise providing quality content and these are one of the most popular types of youtube videos. The launch of new trending games causes a higher surge in engagement. Major streamers have thousands of constant watchers throughout the stream.

Young kids always stay glued to the video and hence gaming streams provide a huge watch time for the creators. Creators like getting all those subscribers within a short period and many creators from different domains join in as the streamers play the newest games.


YouTube videos of any type can bring views, subscribers, and engagement from the viewers. A diverse range of videos ends up on the trending page of the most popular types of YouTube videos. It is important to have a personal unique take on ideas and creativity.

Creative videos always get the attention of people and this adds to the list of subscribers. It is equally important to grow with the changing number of viewers. A person must learn from the comments and reviews of their videos to create better videos with better ideas.

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