10 Ways to Use Bone Broth for Cats & Dogs

Dogs and cats enjoy a cool treat on a warm summer day just like we do. Instead of sugar-filled ice cream, bone broth is a delicious and nutritious alternative. These 10 ways to use bone broth will help you to keep your pets cool and hydrated during the warmer months.

Bone broth is a versatile and tasty addition to a dog or cat’s diet, tempting even the fussiest of eaters.

1) Frozen lollies

Frozen bone broth lollies for dogs and cats with banana and blueberries and various chews on a Bella & Duke Chomping Board
Bone Broth lollies with blueberries

Try making your own bone broth lollies, the pet-friendly version of an ice lolly. Your pet will love them.

Simply pop your bone broth into an ice cube tray or lolly moulds, leave them in the freezer for a few hours and keep them there until you’re ready to serve them. Easy peasy!

If you’re feeling extra creative, try using a pizzle, duck feet or rabbit ear as the lolly stick for a chewy and refreshing dog treat.

2) Hydration aid

Many dogs and cats don’t drink enough water or prefer to drink from rainwater or muddy puddles due to the chlorine in tap water. As the warmer months arrive, it is essential to keep them hydrated.

To encourage your dog or cat to drink, add bone broth into their water. The aromas are irresistible and it makes staying hydrated enjoyable for them.

3) Smoothies

Bone broth smoothie with avocado & goat kefir
Bone broth, avocado & goat kefir smoothie

Whether you’re a dog, cat, or human, we all love a cold, chilled summer smoothie. 

Simply blend up your bone broth with berries, banana and kefir/goats yoghurt, as well as any other additions before serving.

The great news is that bone broth tastes delicious alongside any other ingredients, so feel free to try any healthy additions in your pet’s smoothies.

can dogs eat fruit featured image

4) Appetite enhancer

Warm weather often causes dogs and cats to lose their appetite. Bone broth offers a tasty, nutritious alternative that keeps them hydrated and can encourage them to start eating again.

Simply feed them a little bone broth and see if this tempts them to tuck into their usual food. For those that still don’t want to eat, read our guides, packed with simple methods to help with your dog not eating or cat not eating.

5) Portable gummies

Refreshing summer gummies are easy to make and carry around, making them the perfect treat on the go.

Simply heat a little bone broth and gelatine and pop them in the fridge to cool. For an extra antioxidant punch, add a few blended berries before putting the gummies in the fridge.

How to make summer gummies


  • 200ml of bone broth
  • 4 tablespoons gelatine powder or 4 x leaf sheets
  • 1 handful of berries – raspberries/ bluberries (optional) – If the berries are frozen, add a little extra gelatine.
  • Small amount of liver for taste (optional)


  1. Stir bone broth with the gelatine. Let sit 3-5 minutes.
  2. If adding berries or liver, blend them until fully combined into a smoothie-like texture
  3. Heat the bone broth and gelatine mixture over low heat, stirring occasionally until the gelatine has melted
  4. If you are adding blended berry and liver mixture, add this to the pan and continue to mix well over a low heat
  5. Once the mixture has a smooth consistency, pour it into small silicone moulds or an ice cube tray
  6. Pop into the fridge and cool until firm, approx 5-6 hours.
  7. Remove the gummies from the moulds and watch your pet enjoy them. 

6. Slushy Bone Broth

Bone broth slushie for dogs and cats

For a hydrating summer treat, try a refreshing bone broth slushy for pets.

Simply pour some bone broth into a dish and place it in the freezer. As it starts to freeze, mix it all up into a slushy consistency and serve.

7. Trachea surprise

Trachea with bone broth inside (1)
Bone broth in our Supreme Neck of Beef treat

For a great dog enrichment exercise, try filling a treat with bone broth and freeze it. Our Supreme neck of beef treats work perfectly for this.

To create this cooling enrichment toy, pour your bone broth into a treat like a buffalo horn. You may wish to wrap the treat in tinfoil first to prevent bone broth leaking into your freezer. Pop the tin foil wrapped treat into the freezer. Once frozen, remove tinfoil and serve.

8. Bone broth chew

Frozen bone broth chews for dogs (1)

Give your dog a cool, nutritious chew while they relax in the shade. Place a deluxe turkey strip or 2 on a tupperware lid, cover it in some bone broth and freeze. Once the bone broth is frozen, cut out the strip and you’ve got a long lasting chew for your dog!

9. Frozen bone broth ice cubes

Frozen bone broth ice cubes for dogs (1)

Some pets enjoy a change of texture. Particularly on a warm day, a cool addition to their meal, like nutritious meaty ice cubes, can make their food more exciting. Please note ice cubes are perfectly safe to keep your dog cool, they are not recommended when your pet is suffering from heatstroke as the extreme change in temperature can be dangerous.

10. Bobbing for treats

Bobbing for treats in bone broth (1)
Scrumptious venison treats in bone broth

Another fun enrichment game to play with your best friend. Mix some treats such as venison treats, hearty ox bites or sprats into your pet’s bone broth and watch them try to fish them out!

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