15 Best Yacht Rentals in San Diego (2022)

San Diego has one of the best bays to take a yacht and explore. Yachts on the San Diego bay allow you to host a lot of events and have a luxurious time out in the ocean. There is nothing better than renting out an entire yacht and seeing all of the amazing views San Diego has to offer. Must visit in yacht rental san Diego.

Yachts allow you to have the time of your life and live in luxury. Many San Diego yacht rental companies do the task of providing chartered yachts. We have listed down the best private yacht rental San Diego companies you should consider.

Best Yacht Rentals in San Diego:

Zolna Yachts

Zolna Yachts

Zolna Yachts are one of the most renowned San Diego yacht rental companies. They provide thor customers with some of the best experiences which you can get in San Diego. The company is owned by a husband and wife who wanted to revolutionize the way private yacht rental in San Diego operated.

This company wants to provide an unforgettable experience to locals and visitors who want t remnant their yachts. The company provides clients with privately chartered yachts that offer them all of the services which they are seeking.

Many of the top hotels in the region recommend them for any yacht-related activities which you might have. The company has a group of expert captains who have decades of experience in handling yachts and will provide you the ultimate experience abroad their yachts.

Their flagship yacht can hold 49 people and has tons of amenities that you will want an ideal yacht to have. They don’t have one of the biggest teams but are known to cater to all of the requirements of their customers. The company aims to provide experiences that match the exact specification of what their clients want. Apart from regular charters, they do events and weddings as well.

Their wedding packages have seen a lot of popularity because of how unique it is. They take care of all the preparations and allow you to marry your loved one with a jaw-dropping background. When it comes to regular charters, their sunset charters are very popular. They set off late in the afternoon and you get to witness amazing sunsets and view the beautiful city of San Diego in the beautiful orange glow of the sunset.

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Mai Tai Yacht Charters

Mai Tai Yacht Charters

When it comes to yacht rental in San Diego, Mai Tai Yacht Charters are one of the top companies out there. The company has a fleet of state-of-the-art yachts that can meet all of the expectations you have from them. Its been working to make packages that fit the needs of its clients and the various events they want to hold.

The company has many years of experience sailing the waters of San Diego. The fleet of yachts owned by the company is one of the biggest among private yacht rentals in San Diego. Their fleet comprises 25 yachts. These yachts can accommodate a varying amount of people. You can yachts which have only 6 people or yachts that can accommodate 130 passengers.

No matter what the occasion or requirement you have, the company has a yacht suitable for the purpose. When bookings are made in advance, they can even accommodate 600 people on a yacht. Their services aim to please all of the clients they have. The company has a list of pre-made packages for you to select from. These packages give you some of the most luxurious amenities on their yachts.

The company even makes custom plans for its customers. It tries to accommodate the needs of all of its clients, their flexible plans allow you to get some of the best packages among the San Diego yacht rental companies. It is known to host some of the wildest parties and the company never manages to disappoint its customers.

Triton Charters

Triton Charters

Triton Charters are a company that has some of the highest standards. They aim to ensure they provide all customers with a gold standard experience on the seas. The company has a single yacht that its clients can rent. While they have only a single yacht it has some of the most amazing facilities.

The yacht is 75 feet in length and can hold more than 100 guests. Whenever you opt for their yacht rental in San Diego, you get a bartender for your yacht as well. They have a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks for you and your guests to choose from.

The yacht has great facilities which attract its clients towards it. It has an in-built waterslide and a fully functioning bar. It also has a huge dancefloor to show off your moves. To compliment your time there you need great music. Their speaker systems ensure you never miss a beat of any of your favorite songs.

While cruising through the waters of San Diego, they take you to some of the most beautiful sightseeing spots. Their crew is experienced in handling all sorts of parties and other events which you plan aboard the yacht. This is one of the newest yachts and has all the state-of-the-art facilities which you would want. Being new, the yacht is in great condition and makes it one of the best yachts for yacht rental in San Diego.

Osprey Yacht Rentals

Osprey Yacht Rentals

Osprey is one of the most fully equipped yachts in San Diego. It was built in Holland and it is perfect to deal with anything you throw its way. This is among the biggest yachts in the San Diego region. You can set sail with this yacht by renting it with one of the many packages this company has.

They have divided its offerings into three segments. It sues the yacht or bay cruises where you cruise around the top sightseeing spots in San Diego. They also have dining services. This includes a curated menu of items being served to you on board while you enjoy the magnificent views of the San Diego bay.

This is a San Diego yacht rental company that also does ocean fishing. You can book them to go out and catch some fish. The captain and the crew are expert navigators who know the best spot for fishing. All of their packages ensure you have a good time out in the ocean when you use their yacht rental in San Diego. Their charter packages are available at various price points, you will get your dream experience without having to go broke.

Seaforth Boat Rentals

Seaforth Boat Rentals

The experience of Seaforth boat rentals surpasses that of all the companies on this list. This company has been operating since 1976. They claim to be the largest San Diego yacht rental company. It operates in 4 different bays across America.

They are a family-owned business that aims to look after all of its customers. The needs and demands of their customers come first. They have curated packages that will provide you with a mesmerizing experience in the San Diego Bay.

The company takes care of all of the things so that you can relax in San Diego Bay. they are a private yacht rental San Diego company that provides full-day and half-day tours. They do this to make the plans flexible to suit your needs. They allow you to choose whether you want to sail in the bay or go out into the ocean. You can even ask for a bareboat which will be driven by you.

To get this you need to have the relevant licenses and must apply with them. Their yacht charters have got them a lot of admiration from their clients. The charters can be modified to fit the needs of every single client they have. This makes you feel that the yacht was specially prepared just for you.

Adventuress Luxury Catamaran

Adventuress Luxury Catamaran

The Adventuress is one of the most luxurious yachts in San Diego. The company provides you with luxury rentals in the San Diego bay. The company wants its clients to have a luxurious time while in the ocean. The yacht is fully equipped to provide you with a top-class luxury experience.

The private quarters have some of the best seating sleeping arrangements. The yacht can hold up to 48 people. They agave amazing catering onboard. You will be fed some of the best food items you have seen on a yacht.

Their menu is curated to provide clients with top quality fo while out in the ocean. The company only gets food from award-winning caterers to maintain a high-quality standard for their clients.  They have multiple charter packages with whale watching being a famous one.

The yacht takes you out in the ocean to get up close and personal with the whales. They have live music and a DJ booth as well to keep you entertained throughout your trip. The Adventuress can help you have the time of your life and is perfect for private yacht rental in San Diego.

Pacifica Sailing Charters

Pacifica Sailing Charters

Pacifica Sailing Charters is another great yacht rental in Sandiego. They have numerous yachts for you to choose from. The company ensures regular maintenance for all of its yachts. This ensures you will have a smooth journey on the Ocean. The company provides yacht charters for small as well as big guestlists. They choose only the most experienced captains to handle the yachts.

You are always in safe hands when you choose them.  The company says that when you rent them, you will have memories you can cherish for a lifetime. They are known to be one of the most responsible companies. You should consider them when choosing yacht Rental San Diego companies.

Bay Experiences

Bay Experiences - yacht rental san Diego

Bay Experiences have 2 yachts for you to choose from. One can sit 12 people while the other one can accommodate 6 people. They are in the business of providing smaller yachts to their clients. Though you have limited options, they are a company which you must consider.

They are one of the best private yacht rental San Diego companies for smaller yachts. Their yachts can provide great tours to your guests. They have some of the lowest prices. Their prices might be low but they do not compromise on the experience which they offer you.

OnBoat Inc.

OnBoat Inc. - yacht rental san Diego

This is an international accompany which has branches across America and in other international locations as well. They are experts in curating cruising experiences in yachts. Their experience on International and American waters makes them one of the top private yacht rental San Diego companies.

They have tons of yachts that come in all shapes and sizes. These yachts are ideal for a nice cruise around the bay or for having an amazing party on the deck. You choose what you want to do and the company makes it possible.

Chere Amie Yacht Charters

Chere Amie Yacht Charters - yacht rental san Diego

Chere Amie Yacht charters are known for their flexible payment plans. The company knows that all events are different but they have managed to keep the prices low for all of them. You can rent a yacht starting at $750 per hour.

For corporate events, they change the payment package to per person which makes it more affordable. Corporate and private events, both can be done with ease on board their yachts. You can upgrade all the features they list on their basic packages. This allows you to curate your own experiences.

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Samara Yacht Rental

Samara Yacht Rental - yacht rental san Diego

Samara Yacht Rentals makes yacht journeys very easy. They are a yacht rental San  Diego company that curates packages based on your needs. It believes in having the best luxuries given to its clients on the seas. It has an amazing fleet that is decked with all amenities that one could ask for.

All you have to do is tell your requirements to the company and they make it happen. They are partnered up with some of the top corporate companies which trust them for all cruises in San Diego. They are a premier San Diego yacht rental company.

Gone Sailing

Gone Sailing - yacht rental san Diego

Gone Sailing does not have custom plans but their curated plans are some of the best in San Diego. It has all of the certifications they need to be the top company for yacht rental in San Diego.

They have sunset tours where they take you through the best routes for watching the sunset in the bay. It also have whale watching tours. The company can also be contacted to book their yachts for corporate parties.

Champagne Yacht Events

Champagne Yacht Events

This is the company you should contact if you want to have unforgettable events in the bay. The company specializes in hosting events on the seas.

They have all packages you need to have a blast. They have a crew that understands the art of hosting great parties.  This is the San Diego yacht rental company you should visit for hosting any event you want.

Malarky Charters

Malarky Charters - yacht rental san Diego

This is a budget-friendly yacht. You can bring 12 people onboard. They do not have food provisions. You have to bring your food and beverage. The crew will attend to all of your needs and the yacht is navigated by a professional captain. They are one of the affordable options you can explore in San Diego.

Artizia Yachts

Artizia Yachts

This Private yacht rental in San Diego has a membership model. You have to pay a monthly membership fee These memberships unlock yearly sailing hours in the yachts of your choice. The membership fee is inclusive of the crew, food, fuel, and all other expenses. If you do yacht rental in San Diego frequently you should opt for their services.


These yacht rental San Diego companies are known to be the best in the business. They have professional crews which know how to manage and deal with various events on the yachts. They also have tons of safety features to ensure you have a fun yet safe trip in their yachts. These are the companies you should consider when deciding to rent a yacht in San Diego.

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