2 Editors Try the Tropical-Print Trend—See the Results

Deciding what to shop for in the summer can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task. Do you go the safe route and invest in staple pieces? Or do you take a risk and try a new micro-trend? And why do you have to pick just one way to shop for the summer? If you’re anything like our editors, it’s safe to guess that you want anything you buy to satisfy your cravings fully and be both trendy and timeless. Luckily for you, there’s one stylish summer staple that manages to bridge that gap: the tropical button-down shirt. Tropical prints have made a triumphant comeback in spring/summer 2022 collections, but if the idea of wearing this print makes you think of those oversize menswear shirts, you’re not alone. Former iterations of this staple were far from chic, but as usual, our very own Who What Wear Collection is solving style dilemmas you didn’t even know existed. 

And if you’re still dubious about how a tropical-print button-down could be chic, much less a must-have for the summer, prepare to be proven wrong. Ahead, our very own editor in chief, Kat Collings, and I are test-driving the trend by trying on and styling Who What Wear Collection’s Kiki Button-Down Vacation Shirt. Keep reading for our reviews and some styling inspiration that’s bound to make you fall in love with this summer staple.

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