35 Skorts That Are Much More Practical Than Miniskirts

By now, you’ve probably noticed that miniskirts are back with a vengeance—yes, even the low-rise kind. While I’m not opposed to the trend, miniskirts can certainly be impractical on some occasions. Ever try to sit crisscross applesauce in a tiny skirt? Yeah, that’s just not going to work. But if you’re excited to try out the trend, there’s a simple solution that makes them less intimidating to wear: skorts. 

Good ol’ built-in shorts can definitely come in handy when hemlines are rising faster than inflation. I know I’d feel much more confident wearing a skort compared to a miniskirt when a dreaded gust of wind comes through. Tennis players like myself are already intimately familiar with skorts, which are supremely functional because they offer a place to store your tennis balls. But if you’re not exactly Serena Williams, don’t worry because wearing tennis skirts has become acceptable, even if there’s no court in sight.  Plus, there are lots of non-activewear skort options on the market as well, including  Y2K-inspired denim skorts. Scroll down to shop my favorites. 

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