6 Wedding Guest Dress Trends That Won’t Steer You Wrong

Just like everyone else I know, I have quite a robust travel schedule this year, thanks to the plethora of weddings that are now taking place. I comfortably can state that we’ve entered a post-pandemic world which means every celebration that was postponed is now in the books and happening ASAP. They call it the Roaring Twenties for a reason!

I thought I had a busy schedule, but after hearing about what Katie Sands has on her plate, I stand corrected. Her own wedding took place this spring and now that the festivities have passed, she’s planning on getting through her list of the 22-plus weddings that she’ll be attending in 2022.

After a friend told me this story, I immediately followed Katie on Instagram so I could get all of the wedding guest dress inspiration that I knew she would be serving throughout the rest of the year. She’s a seasoned pro at dressing for a wedding, so I’m going to let her guide us on the trends she’s already seeing emerge amongst the guest lists.

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