7 Best Cloud Render Farms in the World

Graphics and visualizations must be determined to specify lighting, reflections, and shadows to generate a 3D design. Aside from 3D apps, effort and computational capacity are necessary for this computation procedure.

A one-second animation is made up of 30 individual frames in general, and it signifies that an aggregate of 1800 separate frames was determined for a period of one-minute duration. Based on the show’s intricacy, an individual frame might require anywhere from milliseconds to minutes or perhaps hours to compute. Intricate images with complicated illumination and surface computations take a long time to calculate.

As a result, using a render farm is highly beneficial. Time and cost savings are two apparent advantages of employing a render farm.

Best Cloud Render Farms



iRender is a rapidly expanding firm. Since 2019 , iRender has had a significant portion of the cloud rendering business. Unlike the sector’s leading brands, which offer SaaS solutions, iRender uses a unique approach, offering facilities via the IaaS approach. This concept allows designers complete command over their works, making it ideal for huge, intricate tasks or custom workflows.

Nearly all applications, renderer technologies, and plugins are supported by iRender. iRender is among the few render farms that offer real-time programs, including Lumion, Twinmotion, Unreal Engine, Iray, Daz Studio, and others. With multiple GPUs (4/6/8 GPUs) per node, they are perfect for many leading 3D applications such as Cinema 4D, Houdini, Redshift, Octane, etc. More importantly, iRender gives actual computers to consumers, providing 100% efficiency and safety.

The evolution of iRender is quick, and it keeps upgrading the equipment to provide the maximum processing power: from 1080Ti to 2080 Ti to RTX 3090. In addition, iRender is constantly developing and releasing necessary services like Change package, Snapshot, Report issues, Process monitoring, API, Helpdesk, Mobile app, and others to provide customers with the most pleasant rendering time. The pricing is also worthy.

It can render on both the CPU and the GPU. There are numerous solutions available to fit all tasks and finances. iRender offers everything that demands processing power, including AI, big data, and gaming. iRender was mentioned on Lumion’s official page as well.

iRender has a specialized assistance team available around the clock. They are available 24/7 with various contact methods. As far as we know, iRender is always one of the render farms that have fastest response when customers have problems.


RebusFarm is a renderer firm based in Germany that offers expertise to businesses and freelancers all over the globe. Having 3,000 XEON CPUs at its command, the Farm provides a significant potential for content processing.

It provides a cloud renderer solution that could handle virtually all significant 3D applications and programs. It is built on the SAAS design (software-as-a Service). You have to upload your project straight through a plugin within the 3D program and check for the outcomes.

The renderer farm uses AMD’s Thread Ripper 3970X for CPU graphics and NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX 6000 for GPU graphics to complete work on the Web.

Garage Farm

Garage Farm is a render farm in the United Kingdom that provides both CPU and GPU 3d graphics facilities. It was formed in early 2010, allowing illustrators and developers to charge a variety of prices for their rendering services.

This Farm offers the services as a SaaS, and its outstanding CPU processing characteristics make it ideal for VFX, ArchViz scenarios, and Product Visualization.

Garage Farm offers a more comprehensive set of applications and resources than competing render farms and is a leader in exporting services for Lightwave 3D. Garage is unique because it is one of the handful of facilities supporting various applications.

Fox Render Farm

Fox Render Farm, based in China, was founded in 2009 by a group of digital animation professionals. They offer online rendering facilities to various media companies and animation businesses from greater than 50 nations and areas, with skilled operations and industry-leading technology. Fox Render Farm is presently among the fastest-growing companies, particularly in Asia & North America. Fox Render Farm is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Internet Computing platform that enables users to process their works using their programs.

People can upload documents for rendering via the Web or even the Desktop Client software using Fox Render Farm. Clients may rest assured that they shall receive immediate assistance if they encounter specific difficulties when generating.

If you do not utilize Maya, 3Ds Max, Houdini, C4D, or Blender, you might consider using the Fox render farm extremely difficult. As a result, while employing Fox’s SaaS services, Fox might not recognize the document configurations specified by the designers throughout the designing procedure. If an element item is absent and Fox notifies you regarding it, you’ll have to retrieve the document, re-upload it, and display it.

Ranch Computing

Ranch Computing, headquartered in Paris, aims to provide computing capabilities to graphic artists of diverse cultures. Before the business started in 2006, there were just a couple of renderer farms accessible, and they house both CPU & GPU machines with approximately 2 million cores in total.

Customers have praised the excellent client service that helped the rendering procedure go more smoothly. Maya, Blender, Houdini, LightWave, Maxwell, Indigo, and Vue are examples of programs supported by Ranch Computing. Based on the number of nodes employed, operation fees vary from $0.011 to $0.047 per hour. There is a 36-hour free version for new subscribers and incentives for big purchases.

Ranch Computing offers a simple interface that displays the many renderer tools available to designers and visualization artists. It furthermore features parts that can be rented or purchased.


AnimaRender is a Russian-based internet rendering farm company. Their platform blends CPU and GPU capacity, allowing them to render farm solutions for a wide range of famous programs. The AnimaRender GPU rendering server supports Octane, Redshift, and similar renderers.

You may then submit your works to your AnimaRender profile, choose all required configurations, and begin generating. If you utilize an alternative open-source application, you may approach AnimaRender, who could set up open-source apps on their computer. You may then join via VNC Teamviewer and render on it.

You may choose between CPU and GPU rendering services with authorized and preloaded applications. The information center of AnimaRender utilizes high-performance data storing technologies with no limits on the amount of content that may be stored, analyzed, or retrieved. Nevertheless, consider that 10 business days after the rendering is completed, the generated documents will be immediately erased from your farm drive.

The render farm’s upstream bandwidth is around 2 Gbps. Professional help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Technical experts will be available via online chatting 24hrs each day, 7 days a week, to answer whatever queries you may have regarding operating with AnimaRender.


Several options are offered to assist you in enhancing your rendering skills. You no longer need to wait hours for a single image to generate because the joint ability of 1000 GPUs and CPUs could accomplish it in moments.

For large tasks with limited timeframes, utilizing Online Render Farms makes sense, particularly if you currently have customer approval for ultimate rendering. Investment in your rendering farm is worthwhile contemplating if you plan to operate render-intensive activities for years ahead.

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