7 Easy Summer Outfits You Probably Already Own

You never know what your day is going to throw at you, so when it comes to getting dressed in the morning—which is usually among the first few steps—the simpler the better. One way I like to streamline the getting-ready process is by keeping a mental and physical registry of outfit ideas I know I can quickly put together and that won’t let me down. Occasionally, I do this by saving various posts from stylish women I love to follow on Instagram in an “outfits” folder, referencing it, and committing to memory those I find most useful for me. With that in mind, today I figured I’d share some of the combos I’m aiming to try this coming week.

From comfort-centric looks to more dressed-up, feel-good ’fits, below are seven outfits that I recently came across that are entirely made up of basic pieces I already own and, of course, are cool enough to wear on repeat. To see each one and shop them along the way, just keep scrolling.  

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