7 Summer Staples That Work on Everyone, Says a Stylist

Discovering style through the lenses of different creatives is always inspiring. Roz Kaur, a 55-year-old stylist, is someone who always has that unique sense of fashion. While age certainly has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, her more experienced sartorial point of view is of note given her years of fine-tuning her wardrobe and the closets of her clients with her work as a stylist (currently at Anthropologie). On that note, she decided to share with us the summer items she gravitates toward because she thinks they really could work for everyone with different styles because of their versatile nature.

Below, you’ll uncover Kaur’s edit of effortless staples. You may already have some of the items in your offering, while others could feel fresh. Regardless, the summer shopping list below might serve as great inspiration. 

Keep scrolling for more, including visual references from Kaur and shopping recommendations. 

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