7 Ways to Shop Fall 2022’s Prettiest Trend Ahead of Time

Fashion and pretty things have always gone hand in hand. The two are practically one and the same. But until designers debuted their fall/winter 2022 collections back in February, the two’s connection wasn’t quite so obvious to the untrained eye. 

From the overall ubiquity of baby pink—which isn’t traditionally included in a fall color palette—to the existence of micro-trends like floral appliqués (at Coperni), draped fabrics (at Stella McCartney), and crystal netting (at Miu Miu), fashion this fall is predicted to be pretty with a capital P. Unless you’re one of the few people who hates pretty things, this next bit will be an especially pleasant surprise: You don’t have to wait until September to get started on the season’s biggest trend. 

Keep scrolling to shop the prettiest trend fall has to offer ahead of time. 

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