8 of the Best Hailey Bieber Bikini Outfits

If you follow Hailey Bieber, you’re well aware of her glowing, sun-kissed, beachy bikini Instagram posts. It seems she is always jetting off to somewhere where the water is otherworldly and to no one’s surprise, her swimsuit outfits are just as noteworthy. There is one swimsuit outfit, however, that always seems to go viral when she posts it, and lucky for us, it’s insanely simple to re-create: bikinis and bucket hats. 

From simple black hats to the trendiest crochet versions, Hailey has definitely proven that this two-piece summer outfit is the easiest and most successful in terms of likes on Instagram. Do her dreamy backdrops and glowing skin help her case? Certainly, but it’s her standout bikini styling that makes her the queen of summer. Ahead, see eight of Hailey Bieber’s best bikini-and–bucket-hat outfits and shop the pieces you’ll need to re-create her look. 

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