8 Simple Celebrity Outfits That Are Cool and Uncomplicated

As someone who hates complicated outfits that require many layers and accessories, simple celebrity outfits are my favorite celebrity outfits. It’s hard to look like you’re trying too hard when you’re wearing an outfit that requires minimal effort. But just because these outfits are simple doesn’t mean they’re boring or untrendy. In fact, the ones I found (keep on scrolling to see them) are quite the opposite.

When I think of celebrities who wear chic, uncomplicated outfits, there are some that always come to mind—Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski among them. But others like Jennifer Lopez (who isn’t necessarily known for wearing simple outfits) will even pare things down every once in a while. 

Below are some of my favorite low-key, simple celeb outfits in recent history, along with the pieces that will help you get the look. I promised that you’ll feel refreshed given the plethora of perfectly styled celebrity looks we often see.

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