8 Summer Items Selected By A Beauty Founder

When it came to making a list of my go-to items for the season, I’ll be honest I was stumped. There are so many great summer items that I could fill endless tote bags, but realistically, there are five to 10 that we all need in our lives. While on the hunt for the perfect things to bring with me on vacations and integrate into my everyday life, I enlisted the guidance of influencer, podcast host, and co-founder of Summer Fridays Marianna Hewitt. I have been a fan of Hewitt and following her on Instagram for a while now and remember when she first launched her beauty company.

Hewitt’s business savvy mixed with her super-chic fashion sense and mental Rolodex of all the best products when it comes to skincare and beauty made her the perfect person to ask to share her favorites. When Hewitt and I got to chatting, we talked all things summer, from what vacations we’re taking to what we’ll be wearing all season and the new beauty products that I need to purchase like yesterday. On the topic of trips, I asked Hewitt what travel plans she had that she’s most looking forward to. “I am really looking forward to my upcoming summer vacation. I have a work trip planned in Paris in July, and I’m going to go a few days before to have a little vacation for myself. I’m so excited. I think I’m going to go to Saint-Tropez for a few days,” she told me. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for all the European summer content Hewitt is going to bless our IG feeds with. I’m planning a trip to Europe this summer myself, and I’ll definitely be taking notes from her. 

She continued, “I’m also going to Aspen this summer. I’ve always gone to Aspen in the winter, but the last time I was there, everyone was talking about how amazing it is in spring or summer. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s like in the summer. I know there’s horseback riding and biking and hiking, so I’m excited for an adventurous summer vacation.” I love this for her. I have a lot of family in Colorado and have been visiting for years during summer and winter, and Aspen in the summer is as good as it sounds—another trip I can’t wait to follow along with via Hewitt’s social media

Keep scrolling to see the rest of what we talked about and the eight summer items she swears by.

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