Anda Seat Kaiser 3: All You Need To Know

In February 2022, Anda Seat (makers of all sorts of gaming chair goodness – like the Fnatic and Rainbow 6 collaborations) released an update to one of their own top products.

The Kaiser 3 has arrived.

Hot on the heels of the Kaiser 2 – the name may be predictable but is the chair? Let’s dig in and find out.

An Evolution of Comfort

That’s the official AndaSeat launch video for the Kaiser 3.

Billed as an “evolution of comfort” and started off with an IndiGoGo crowd-funding campaign, there’s certainly been a good deal of hype around this new product launch.

Let’s start with what’s changed from the Kaiser 2?

Kaiser 3 versus Kaiser 2 comparison:

Kaiser 3 Kaiser 2
Price $499 $399
Color choices 9 2
Size choices 2 (L or XL) 1
Max recommended height 210cm/6’8″ 210cm/6’8″
Max recommended weight 180kg/395lbs 180kg/395lbs
Recliner 90°-165° 90°-160°
Rocker/rocking function Yes Yes
Rocker/rocking function Yes Yes
Check Price Check Price

Which may have you thinking: “I’m paying $100 more for 5° of tilt and some colors?”

But there’s a whole lot more than that.

Magnetic attraction

One of the key points of differentiation with the Kaiser 3 model, is the magnets.

Anda Seat have introduced a new magnetic system which could revolutionise game chair comfort – and certainly the, sometimes tricky, assembly process.

With the brilliantly named MagClap™ system, AndaSeat boast you can put this chair together one-handed (if you didn’t already, go back and watch that launch video, above).

Now, I don’t recommend you try that (though if you do, fire us a video – we’d love to feature it!) but it’s possible.

The key components are magnetized. Simply slot the seat back into the base and the bolts and bracket system slide and snap into place.

And it doesn’t stop there. The armrests are magnetic too.

Again, they snap into place on super-strong magnets but are still fully 4D adjustable (up down, left right and forward back in position) – as with the Kaiser 2 – albeit the older model’s armrests aren’t magnetic.

Like it’s older sibling the Kaiser 3 has a pillow too. Guess what? That’s magnetic too.

Pop it in place and it stays – or you can slide it up and down the backrest to keep maximum comfort as you shift position whilst playing, or just snap it off and put it to one side for a while if you prefer.

No more bagging, sagging or snapped off headrest pillow or game chair neck supports.

How long does a magnet last? Well, it varies… but around about 700 years or so according to this BBC Science Focus article. So we reckon these will last long enough for you to complete Call of Duty 2700: The New Century or whatever it’s called then… assuming you make it that far!

Upgrades available

With AndaSeat’s magnetic system, other possibilities open up too. They’re also offering an extendable magnetic tabletop (available from June 2022) that can clip into position on your chair.

This is ideal for those who spend a long time in their chair – switching from working to gaming or vice-versa, all from the same super comfortable chair.  Or if you’re sweating that big push to the next level or league – you can take your meals in your chair too (without having to balance dishes on the arms).

The manufacturers have upgraded other things too.

The DuraXtra™ Leatherette covering has had a buff in the Kaiser 3 model too upgrading the durability as well as the scratch and stain resistance.

Or you can opt for the EverSoft™ linen fabric if you want something a bit more breathable (did I mention sweating that next level?). That linen covering is only available on the Kaiser 3, not the old 2s.

Enhanced lumbar support

Lumbar support your thing?

A good game chair can help guide you to a good seated posture to reduce pressure on your back and joints – but we all know we occasionally slouch or hunch over – especially when we have to concentrate on a particularly tricky bit, right?

The Kaiser 3 has an updated and upgraded lumbar support system too.

The new 4-way lumbar support can be precision controlled via two adjusting knobs on the chair.

Adjust the level and height of the support – which pushes out from the back of the chair, to ensure maximum comfort for those long sessions. No more wrestling with pillows or adjusting elements strapped onto your chair – this is all built-in.

But don’t just take it from me – check out Anda Seat’s official comparison between the two models:

Kaiser 3 – reviews

What do people really think of their Kaiser 3 chairs? And what do they actually look like set-up (outside of the press shots which make everything look great?).

Here are some of the highlights picked out from the reviews we found from verified buyers online:

I love the chair it’s the best big man chair I have ever owned. I am 6’6″ and 375lbs and the chair holds up great.

From excellent packaging, ease of assembly, and quality of every part of this fantastic chair, this is money well spent.

Fits like a glove, feels solid and well built and was super easy to assemble in 20min.

It’s also very easy to assemble compared to others I have purchased before.

Here are some reviews and photos of them in ‘real life’.

Featuring the ash grey linen option:

Another loved-up customer!


(dog not included):

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