Best Ergonomic Chair Tier List 2022 (15 Chairs Ranked)

Greg and Ryan have ranked 15 more office chairs. Keep reading to find out which ones earned a top tier rating and which ones fell short of the mark.

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Haworth Zody Chair

Haworth Zody

Greg: Greg has admittedly not spent a lot of time in the Zody but acknowledges that it is Haworth’s bestselling chair. He adds that the Zody looks and feels more solid than Haworth’s flagship product, the Fern.

Ryan: Ryan is quick to give this chair an A tier rating because of its comfortability. He likes almost everything about the chair from the comfortable level and adjustable armrests to the supportive backrest, and unique mechanism that offers two modes for the user to operate in. Even though the lumbar support is independently adjustable on each side, Ryan thinks it might be insufficient for some users. He comments he would personally be sitting in the Zody if it weren’t for the Steelcase Leap chair,

Joe: Joe also loves the Zody. He also has not spent as much time in this product as the Haworth’s Fern, but says he prefers the Zody and finds it more comfortable than the Fern.

Steelcase Amia Chair

Steelcase Amia – See Full Steelcase Amia Review

Greg: The Steelcase Amia is Greg’s favorite chair and the one he sits in every day. For $850, the user gets a mechanism with a flexible front seat pan along with a unique live lumbar support in the backrest. These are features that are usually only found on chairs that are much more expensive than the Amia. The only drawbacks Greg mentions are the absence of the backstop and the absence of the tilt-limiting function.

Ryan: Ryan prefers the Steelcase Leap chair over the Amia, but he still likes the Amia enough to recommend it to his mother. He highlights the value the Amia brings to the table. In facts, the Amia has been compared to chairs that are in the $1,200 range.

Joe: Joe likes the chair but says he would go with a Herman Miller chair if looking for a better recline function.

Humanscale Diffrient Smart Chair

Humanscale Diffrient Smart – See Full Diffrient Smart Review

Greg: Greg mentions that the chair has a comfortable seat and a supportive, pivoting backrest. The one component he does not like about the chair is the arms. Some users complain that their elbows fit awkwardly in the space where the back of the chair connects to the arms.

Ryan: Ryan says this is the Humanscale brand chair he likes the most. It is a costly option though, running the user around $1,200 and Ryan does not like the recline on the chair. However, the chair does offer overall comfort and is good for tasking.

Joe: Joe does not comment on this chair in this video.

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Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Herman Miller Sayl

Greg: Greg says the Sayl belongs on the higher end of the B tier though he prefers the Soji as a slightly better B tier chair, nothing that the Sayl is in the $800-$900 price range.

Ryan: Ryan likes the backrest but comments that it might be problematic for taller users because of how it will hit them in the back.

Joe: Joe has nothing but praise for the Sayl. He is 5’8” and the back of the chair supports his shoulders in the right place. The seat depth, chair height and the seat fit Joe perfectly.

Haworth Soji Chair

Haworth Soji

Greg: Greg thinks the Soji belongs in the B tier. He attributes this to the chair’s warranty, build quality, and value for the price of around $500. The main thing users do not like about the Soji is its firm seat.

Ryan: Ryan settles on the lower end of the B tier for the Haworth Soji. The Soji has a great warranty, and it is more comfortable and has more adjustability than the Freedom, the Ergohuman and the Series 1 (all C tier chairs). Ryan also recommends the Soji as a good alternative to the Titan gaming chair for a similar price.

Joe: Joe agrees that the seat is firm, and the backrest is thin, but adds that it feels better on his back than he expected and it has a nice recline.

Steelcase Think Chair

Steelcase Think

Greg: Greg points out that Steelcase has changed the recline function on the chair. He thinks the previous version that had the back stop allowing the user to lock the back was better. The chair is expensive at $900 for a fabric back and $950 for a mesh back. While it looks beautiful and has a high-end design look, Greg urges potential buyers to try sitting in the chair before purchasing.

Ryan: Ryan does not like the recline on the Think because it is not smooth and there is a hip thrust motion that it forces the user into. It is a good quality chair, but he does not like the mesh, and maintains that it is not nearly as comfortable as Steelcase’s Amia, Leap, or Gesture.

Joe: Joe discusses the backrest on the chair, describing it as “loose.” He can feel the frame on the back and the bars that go across it. Joe prefers the Steelcase Series 1 over this chair.

Humanscale Liberty Chair

Humanscale Liberty – See Full Liberty Review

Greg: Greg talks about the quality of mesh used on the Liberty and other Humanscale chairs which he thinks is second only to the pellicle mesh used on Herman Miller Aeron chairs.

Ryan: The Liberty is comparable to the Humanscale Smart in comfortability, but it lacks adjustability. This is especially true for the arms which are only height adjustable with no armrest adjustability. Ryan thinks the chair is best for conference rooms because it looks nice but might not be suitable for users looking for a chair they can sit in for an extended period.

Joe: Joe agrees with a C tier rating.

OM Seating Truly Chair

Office Master Truly – See Full OM Truly Review

Greg: With a plethora of adjustments and plenty of customizability, Greg thinks the Truly is Office Master’s nicest chair. However, because it is so customizable, parts on the chair do not fit together as snugly as on other office chairs.

Ryan: Ryan is quick to place the Truly in the C tier mainly because the build quality is not as good as B tier chairs. Customers have had some issues with the backrest on the chair, specifically with it not holding its height.

Joe: Joe does not comment on this chair in this video.

Eurotech iOO Chair

Eurotech iOO

Greg: When compared to the Ergohuman, Greg thinks the iOO looks cleaner and is better built. He notes that the armrests do not lock in place. We did reach out to the manufacturer about this, and they claim there have been improvements made on the iOO since our purchase.

Ryan: The iOO is comparable to the Ergohuman chair (also a C tier chair) but Ryan agrees it is better built. It is about double the price of the Eurotech Elevate.

Joe: Joe is comfortable in the chair but admits he does not sit in it often. The lumbar support is too much for him but is not as intrusive as it is on the Ergohuman. The adjustments are “funky” compared to other chairs and the cheap-feeling arm caps move too easily.  Lastly, he adds that the mesh on the back is not tight.

Eurotech Elevate Chair

Eurotech Elevate

Greg: While Greg thinks this chair deserves a C- tier rating, he likes that the chair has a tall back that makes the user sit straight. Some users might prefer this kind of positioning because provides a bit more support to the shoulders over the slight reclining feel that many other chairs offer.

Ryan: Ryan agrees with Greg on a C- tier rating for this chair. He comments that the chair used to be a great value at $300 but has since gone up in price along with a lot of other chairs on the market.

Joe: No comment in this video.

Hag Capisco Chair

Hag Capisco Puls

Greg: Greg points out that this chair might be a good option for someone with a standing desk or who will not be sitting in the chair a whole lot since the chair is uncomfortable.

Ryan: Ryan discusses that the chair costs around $600 while only offering a few adjustability functions, including seat height, seat depth & tilt. The user can sit in the chair in several different positions including forward, on the side and even backwards with the chest resting on the backrest. It makes for a good supplemental office chair, to be used for an hour or two a day or in a conference room. However, Ryan notes that when we had these chairs in our conference room, no one would sit in them because they were uncomfortable. The build quality is B tier but the comfort and functionality aspects of it are more closely aligned with those of D tier.

Joe: Joe points out that sitting in the Puls is a different experience than sitting in other office chairs. He does like the footrest on the chair but there are other office chairs that are much more comfortable.

Herman Miller Cosm Chair

Herman Miller Cosm – See Full Cosm Review

Greg: Greg hates the leaf arms on the chair, and he even refers to the chair as “worthless” in every position with the leaf arms. He says the arms feel like “cheese graters” on the elbows and recommends wearing long sleeves if using the chair.

Ryan: With different arms, Ryan entertains a B tier rating but the leaf arms on the chair drop it donw to the D tier. The chair is also costly at around $1,745 for a chair that only offers height adjustment. Ryan points out that he found the backrest to be comfortable and the chair aesthetically pleasing, but the seat is not deep enough for him, and the leaf arms render the chair borderline unusable. The material on the armrests is uncomfortable and the frame around the armrests make it difficult for the user to get their arms in a position to type.

Joe: Joe appreciates the comfortable hammock-like backrest which he says makes the chair feel like a lounge chair for work. However, the leaf arms impact the comfortability of the chair and Joe says it belongs in the C or D tier.

OM Seating OM5 Chair

Office Master OM5

Greg: The chair is unusable for Greg because of the relaxed recline feature. He talks about how every time he slightly leans back, he ends up in a full recline even though this is not his intention.

Ryan: Ryan does not find the OM5 as comfortable as the Office Master Truly. He cites the recline feature on the OM5 as the primary reason. Ultimately, the chair reclines too easily even when the recline tension is adjusted. The adjustment can be made by getting underneath the chair with an Allen wrench whereas other chairs have a tension knob to make this adjustment.

Joe: Joe agrees that it is too easy to recline in the chair.

Variable Balans Chairs

Varier Variable Balans – See Full Balans Review

Greg: Greg does not hesitate to put the Balans in the D tier adding that he would never sit in it. A $400 investment for a supplemental product to be used for a couple hours a day is not feasible for most.

Ryan: Ryan says this is the best kneeling chair we have seen and tested. He would have no problem assigning it to the A tier of a kneeling chair only list. But compared to the other chairs on this list, it has zero adjustability and is expensive for what the buyer is getting. Users might expect to be able to use the chair for 1-3 hours before needing to switch to something else. Ryan admittedly has a hard time placing the chair among the others, more traditional office chairs.

Joe: Joe was interested in the chair when he first saw it mainly because it is so different compared to the other chairs. He thinks this might be one of the reasons people are drawn to the chair but after sitting in it once and getting a feel for it, they may be disappointed.

GTRacing Chairs

GT Racing Chair

Greg: Greg points out that the GT Racing Chair is inexpensive costing the end user around $120. He adds that it might be a better option for an end user who is thin and tall.

Ryan: Ryan finds the chair uncomfortable and easily assigns it to the F tier. The seat bottoms out instantly, the components and build quality are extremely low, and there is no padding in the back.

Joe: Joe agrees with the F tier rating and adds that the arms are a “joke.”

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