Chanel’s Couture Show Inspired Me to Buy This $10 Accessory

The Fall 2022 couture shows got underway this week, with Schiaparelli, Christian Dior, and most recently, Balenciaga, all displaying their most luxurious collections of the year across Paris. But as it so often does, Chanel stole the show. There were no celebrity appearances on the runway or avant-garde ensembles—that’s not really the Chanel way. Rather, creative director Virginie Viard did what she—and Chanel—does best: design ridiculously pretty things that no one (myself included) can resist.

Among the collection’s maxi-length tweed skirts, puddle pants, and hyper-feminine A-line skirts were a plethora of delicate black and ivory bows that rested atop many of the models’ heads, including that of Chanel’s finale bride Jill Kortleve. Of course, bows have always been a part of the French brand’s aesthetic, but something about this season’s take felt fresh and undeniably buy-worthy. That is, if you can afford to purchase a Chanel accessory, let alone one that’s couture. 

If you, like me, don’t find yourself in that position (yet), don’t worry—I did some digging and discovered a $10 alternative from Amazon that more than does the trick. Shop it below, and while you’re at it, check out the bow trend that will inevitably follow Chanel’s latest show.

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