Google to field test its AR glasses — why you’ll be obsessed with it (if it hits the market)

Google announced that it’s poised to launch the field-testing phase of its AR glasses, which was teased at the I/O 2022 keynote. The search engine giant said that lab testing has too many limitations, so the company is seeking to expand its experimentation to the real world.

For example, Google can’t recreate weather conditions and busy intersections indoors. As such, Google said that it will launch “small-scale testing in public settings with AR prototypes worn by a few dozen Googlers and select trusted testers.”

Google’s AR glasses may captivate the masses

For better or worse, if Google’s AR glasses hits the market, the masses will be obsessed. On the plus side, the search engine giant will attract frequent travelers to its lair. After all, as Google mentioned at its I/O conference in mid-May, its AR glasses can translate other languages on the spot.

Google AR glasses (Image credit: Google)

For example, if you decide to visit Hong Kong, but can’t understand the local language very well, put on your Google AR glasses. While a Cantonese-speaking person is having a conversation with you, the spectacles will auto translate Cantonese into English — right before your very eyes. 

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