GT Racing chairs: All you need to know

You may have seen GT Racing chairs recommended or reviewed – many of them feature on this website – and wonder: who are GT Racing? Are their chairs any good? Which GT Racing chair should I get? Or a whole host of other questions.

Read on for the answers to those questions plus a whole lot more.

GT Racing chair series

GT Racing currently produce gaming chairs in five major ranges or ‘series’:

The Pro Series
The Music Series
The Footrest Series
The Luxury Series and
The ACE Series.

Whichever series you choose to go for, you’ll be getting a great standard package:

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Reclining function (usually to a max of 170° degrees)
  • Rocker function
  • Headrest and lumbar support pillows
  • 5-point wheelbase with casters for a steady base.

Basically, the rest boils down to how far your budget can stretch to include optional extras.

Let’s dig into those categories and answer the obvious question: ‘What’s the difference between all the GT Racing gaming chair series?’

GT Racing – Pro Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 8
Models: GT002; GT099; GTBEE; GT007; GT505; GT902; GT800A; GT97A.
Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, White, Red, Grey, Orange, Pink, Black
Price range: $99.99 – $175.99

Introducing the GT Racing ‘Pro Series’.

This range covers the cheapest GT Racing chairs (the GT002 and the GT099) usually available for under $100 – up to the GT007 (yes, like James Bond) and 808A models which are often around the $170-$180 mark.

Given that, at the top end, some GT Racing chairs can retail at over $400 or $500, the Pro Series include some of the more basic (and therefore affordable) chairs for gamers.

With the Pro Series you’re getting a great gaming chair with all the features you’d expect.

Most models can perform well supporting up to 300lbs of gamer, so these are all solid no-nonsense chairs that’d be a great addition to any gamer’s set-up.

So what don’t you get with the Pro Series that you could get with one of the other series, if your budget can stretch a little further?

The most noticeable bits are the built-in speakers you get with the Music Series and a footrest.


  • Cheapest chairs in the range
  • Wide-range of colors available
  • Great set of standard features

  • 3D not 4D armrests
  • 2 years (not 5 year) warranty
  • No built-in speakers
  • No footrest

Check out the Pro Series

GT Racing – Music Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 7
Models: GT890M; GT890MF; GT901M; D38AMF; GT899; GT909M; GT991M
Colors: Black, Blue, Purple, White, Red, Grey, Pink
Price range: $135.99 – $209.99

What do you get with the Music Series that you don’t in the other models?

Well (and this may surprise you but)… music.

Or, more precisely, wireless Bluetooth speakers built into the headrest for that full 360° degree surround sound feeling.

It really adds another element to your gaming set-up. The echoing footfalls in games like Fortnite or Apex Legends, as a rival hunts you down; or the roar of the crowd in your favorite sports game; or hearing that TIE Fighter roar up on your right shoulder and then barrel past you on the left… getting that in 360° is pretty awesome.

You’re looking at adding $50-$80 to the price of a standard Pro Series chair to get the speakers built-in.

You’ll need a special Bluetooth adapter plugin for your gaming set-up (one of these will do the trick):

TP-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC(UB400), 4.0 Bluetooth Dongle Receiver Support Windows…

Bluetooth Adapter for PC,Techkey USB Mini Bluetooth 5.0 EDR Dongle for Computer Desktop Wireless…

Long Range USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC Bluetooth Dongle Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for PC Windows…

ASUS USB-BT500 Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapter with Ultra Small Design, Backward Compatible with Bluetooth…

TP-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC(UB400), 4.0 Bluetooth Dongle Receiver Support Windows…

Bluetooth Adapter for PC,Techkey USB Mini Bluetooth 5.0 EDR Dongle for Computer Desktop Wireless…

Long Range USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC Bluetooth Dongle Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for PC Windows…

ASUS USB-BT500 Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapter with Ultra Small Design, Backward Compatible with Bluetooth…

Beyond that you can hook up the speakers in your chair to whatever Bluetooth device you like.

So… if you’re using your gaming chair to relax in (and with the 170° recline, why wouldn’t you?) your favorite podcast, radio or TV show can take on a whole new level too – or maybe you need some relaxing whale song to wind-down after all that fragging?

Check out this official promo video for the Music Series:


  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Wide-range of colors available
  • All the great standard GT Racing features

  • 3D not 4D armrests
  • 2 years (not 5 year) warranty
  • Footrest only on some models

Check out the Music Series

GT Racing – Footrest Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 4
Models: GTF59; D39; GT004; D38AMF
Colors: Black, Blue, Purple, White, Red, Grey, Orange, Green
Price range: $165.99 – $199.99

It probably won’t surprise you a whole bunch to learn that the Footrest Series comes with (say it with me): a footrest.

At the lower end of this range you’re only looking at adding 20 bucks to the price of a Pro Series to get a footrest – well worth $20 of your money in our opinion.

Towards the top end on models like the GTF39 you can add on extras like an electronic, vibrating massage effect in the lumbar support pillow and an extra wide seat.

If you’re reading this far and thinking: “Yeah, but I want all that and the cool Bluetooth speakers!” your prayers are answered.

From the Music Series, the GT890-MF has the speakers and a footrest; as does the D38AMF from the Footrest Series.

There’s still a whole range of colors to choose from plus all the other things you get as standard with GTRacing chairs.

It’s worth noting that the footrest is just that: for your feet.  They’re not built to take great amounts of weight, so popping it out so your buddy can use it as a stool (if you want that sort of flexible option, check out the GT Racing ottoman):

But otherwise, take it easy with your footrest. When the chair says it can support weights of up to 300 pounds, it doesn’t mean 300lbs of force as you vent your frustration at being taken out by a 3,000 yard one-shot!

Otherwise, a footrest is a great addition to your gaming chair and gamer set-up, especially when you want to kickback in between bouts (or whilst the latest update downloads etc.).


  • Massage lumbar support pillow available
  • Extra-wide seat options
  • Wide-range of colors to choose from
  • All the great standard GT Racing features

  • 3D not 4D armrests
  • 2 years (not 5 year) warranty

Check out the Footrest Series

GT Racing – Luxury Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 2
Models: GTK002; GTX320
Colors: Black, Blue, White
Price range: $199.99 – $245.99

There’s only two chairs in this range so it’s not really a ‘series’ but… what do you get for upgrading to the ‘Luxury’ range?

At around $200 it’s a fair step-up in price tag.

You’re basically ‘pimping’ the Pro Series. Everything moves up a level. Even the base is a step above the standard range.

You get 4D (four dimensional) armrests, which means you can move them in all four dimensions: lifting them up and down, shifting them left to right, moving them forwards and backwards on the chair as well as rotating them – meaning you can get the perfect angle of comfort unique to your gaming style, or even to the specific type of game you’re playing (e.g. dropping them out of the way for a shooter; or supporting your elbows for a racer etc.)


  • Higher quality ‘Grade A’ PU leather
  • Thicker, more padded seating foam
  • 4D armrests (up/down, left/right, forward/backward and rotation)
  • Wider, larger lumbar support pillow

  • Higher price range than standard models

Check out the Luxury Series

GT Racing – ACE Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 3
Models: ACE-S1; ACE-M1; L3 LAVA
Colors: Black, Blue, White
Price range: $149.99 – $299.99

As the name might suggest, the ACE Series is the top of the GT Racing hierarchy of chairs.

From the achingly cool grey fabric ACE-S1 to the top of the tree ACE L3 LAVA these are serious bits of gaming kit.

With the Lava pushing $500 at full retail price (though you can get it for as little as $299.99 in a sale or with discounts) you’d expect these to offer a pretty hefty upgrade on a standard gaming chair… and you’d be right.


  • 5 year warranty available
  • Special ergonomic back supporting shape
  • Extra-wide 4D armrests
  • Extra-wide backrest
  • Memory foam lumbar support

  • Higher price range than standard models

Check out the ACE Series

GT Racing chairs – assembly and disassembly

Most customers agree that GT Racing chairs are pretty easy to assemble.

Of course, that can depend on your own confidence with this sort of DIY task but the GT Racing team are pretty helpful with a whole host of instructions and guides available to download (free, of course) on their website: GT Racing assembly instructions.

There are lots of ‘unboxing’ videos on YouTube too, like this champion assembling his GT Racing chair in under 15 minutes:

Once assembled doing the same in reverse is fairly straightforward too, should you need to disassemble the chair if you’re moving house or relocating your ‘gaming cave’.

GT Racing chairs: colors

GT Racing’s range of chairs come in a whole host of color options.

Not all models are available in all colors though, so if color is important to you (to match the aesthetics of your room or brand) you’ll need to choose carefully.

Broadly, speaking the colors available are:

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Purple
  5. Grey
  6. Red
  7. Orange
  8. White
  9. Pink.

Obviously, within that there are variations too. Some of the ‘blue’ chairs are mostly black, with some elements highlighted in blue.

On different models those feature areas may be smaller or larger so the chair has bigger areas of colors other than black.

With others, like the pink option in the Pro Series and Music Series, when they say pink, they really mean it:

Some of the color variants tend to switch in and out of stock or availability – basically because they’re less popular, so get made in smaller batches.

If you’re really price sensitive or budget conscious the ‘default’ black and red options are often the cheapest too.

GT Racing – Buy direct

You may have seen GT Racing chairs for sale in all sorts of places. Lots of ‘big box’ retailers sell their chairs.

Which may make you wonder: can I buy direct from GT Racing? And would that make it better or cheaper?

The quick answer is: yes, you can buy direct from GT Racing, via their website.

They have dedicated websites for:

so you can see pricing and shipping information in your relevant currency and geography.

You can also buy GT Racing chairs on Amazon and they also have a store on eBay – which is handy if you already have accounts, payment and delivery information already set-up on those platforms.

Shopping direct with GT Racing is often the best option though, as they run a whole series of special promotions, sales and discount offers. And even if you manage to miss all of those, you can sign-up to their newsletter to get a special 10% off voucher code sent to your inbox.

GT Racing chairs reviews

You can read all sorts of customer reviews on the GT Racing website (or on any of the other retailers they sell with). They’re a pretty happy bunch!

Here’s a ‘word cloud’ picking out some of the words they use a lot when talking about their new chair:

A wordcloud of GT Racing gaming chair reviews

Words like “great” and “best” and “easy” come up a lot (that last one, usually related to how easy they are to assemble) but words like “amazing” and “super” are pretty encouraging too we think!

GT Racing have been through a few logo iterations in their time. This is the current one, as featured on their social media accounts:

GT Racing's logo

Why we love GT Racing gaming chairs

  • Minimum 1 year warranty – which you can extend to 2 years for free simply by sharing about your chair on social media or posting your reviews etc.
    • Extended five year warranty on the ACE series
  • 30 days return policy
  • Free delivery across the mainland US (over $100)
  • Ten US-based warehouses
    • Helps with speedy delivery (95% delivered in 1-5 days)
  • Handy installation and set-up guides and videos
  • Lots of offers, sales and discounts available
  • 24/7 support available.

Are GT Racing chairs made in the USA? In short: no. Mostly, they’re made in China and shipped in bulk to the US-based distribution centers. If you’re the kind of patriot that only buys US-made stuff you may struggle to find many affordable gaming chairs that are built in the US.

How to extend your GT Racing chair warranty

  1. Take a photo of your new GTRacing Series Chair
  2. Post it on Product Review, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube or Twitch (make sure your channel is set to ‘Public’)
  3. Email a screenshot or the post URL with your order ID to

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