Halfway Through Summer, I’m Still Buying Into These Trends

When it comes to buying clothes for the season, there are the early birds and the procrastinators. The early crowd already has their seasonal staples weeks before it actually begins, meanwhile procrastinators like to shop in the midst of the season. There are pros and cons to pledging to either side, but if you happen to fall into the latter camp, you’ll want to pay close attention. 

If you haven’t planned properly for the summer, there’s no reason to throw in the towel yet. So many sales are kicking off right now that it’s actually beneficial to be late to the party. And if you’re worried that you can’t properly wear them with only a few months of summer left, my advice is to stick with the most practical trends to ensure a high cost per wear. Halfway through the summer, I’m still banking big on some trends that I’d argue are worth the buy. To view the complete list of the top trends I’d consider smart investments, keep scrolling.

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