I’m Obsessed With Zara’s & Mango’s Lingerie—34 Styles to Try

I’ve tried nearly every major lingerie brand out there by way of my job, testing each of them out at least once so as to be able to give truthful advice around which ones are really worth buying and which ones you can rightfully pass on. And while there are certainly luxury lingerie brands that, if you’re in the market for a gorgeous silk or lace piece, merit a purchase, spending a ton of money on lingerie isn’t your only option. In fact, there are two brands that can get you that same look for a whole lot less. 

After a fair share of trial and error, I discovered that really, my two favorite lingerie brands when I’m trying to stay on budget are Zara and Mango, neither of which get enough credit for their selections. Both only recently started emphasizing the sartorial genre, which could perhaps be why they’re often slept on. But personally, I’m obsessed. From bras and panties to slip dresses and elevated pajama sets, keep scrolling to shop my go-tos for lingerie that, despite looking extremely expensive, won’t cost you a pretty penny. 

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