IP67 tactile switches

They are:

  • TS03 (left of picture)
    6x6mm, 5-9.5mm actuator, 160 – 260g force, through-hole
  • TS05
    6×6 mm, 4.3-8mm actuator, 100-260g force, surface-mount
  • TS08 (right of picture)
    6x6mm, 4.3mm actuator, 160g force, surface-mount
  • TS19
    3x2mm, 0.6mm actuator, 70-240g force, surface-mount

All are SPST (single-pole single-throw), and some TS19 versions are rated up to 300,000 operations.

Operating is generally across -30 to 85°C, up to 12Vdc and up to 50mA, but check the data sheets for detail.

Find the IP67 tach switches by scrolling through this page – the data shhets are two clicks from here.

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