My biggest fear, is simple. I’m afraid of forgetting. Always have been. It’s maybe why I’ve been documenting my life through pictures since I was a kid.

Now, I often say that my memory is photographic, but what I mean is that if there is a picture of it, I can pull the memory.

I’ll never forget one summer, while away at overnight camp, I used 17 disposable cameras. I currently have boxes, hard-drives and over 30 000 photos on my phone and there is nothing I like better than going through them and looking back on the memories and moments.

The process of documentation has been been a critical part of my life and as I’ve gotten older I find myself investing in creative ways to capture moments.

By Mango Studio

At our wedding, I invested in an amazing photographer from Mango Studios, an inspiring cinematographer from Elle & Be Films and an illustrator Danielle Final, who live-painted the ceremony, reception and photography session. The combination of these three methods of documentation have kept the memory of this special day vivid for me.

Since Sterling’s arrival, my world has exploded with pictures, but I’m not complaining. I find myself often picking a month, from the past 17 and reviewing the special moments I captured. With Trevor and I both photographers ( 2Boo Studio) we are always with a camera on-hand.

When Sterling was first born we invested and took photos at about 6 weeks with the insanely talented Scarlett O’Neill. With these shots, we’ve printed giant poster size wall art and created hardcover books for our families to remember this quick moment in Sterling’s life.

Photography by Scartlett O’Neill

So during our recent trip to Miami, we decided to invest in memories and capture this moment in time, Sterling at one. So we began to arrange for our second session of family photos. I found Emily Prada, a Miami local known for her breathtaking wedding photography, who uses nature to highlight her subjects via Instagram and fell in love with her aesthetic. Because she shoots locally, she had lots of recommendations for locations and we picked John U. Lloyd Beach State Park as it’s filled numerous scenic backdrops. Check out some of the photo session below.

I cannot wait to print these photos out and put them on display. I’ve already gifted a set of family ones to my grandparents for their hospitality and love during our trip to Miami.

If you are a Toronto local and looking to capture memories with your children, check out my photography business 2Boo Studio. I’d love to create special moments for you that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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