Second Life Podcast: Paula Sutton

Paula Sutton has redefined English-countryside style through a modern lens with her brand, Hill House Vintage. After moving to the countryside in England, Sutton began blogging about her passion for interior design, mixing vintage finds with modern treasures as she began redesigning her new country home and ultimately curating the distinct aesthetic that she is known for today. Take one glance at her burgeoning Instagram, @hillhousevintage, and her whimsical and oh-so-joyful feed is sure to pull you in.

Sutton has garnered an audience of over half a million followers on Instagram, with whom she shares playful images in her home and garden of everything from floral frocks to flowering cakes to inspired home décor ideas. And just last year, Sutton expanded her reach and became an author, debuting her first book Hill House Living: The Art of Creating a Joyful Life, in which she reveals the power of a happy home. Indeed, Sutton knows the art of living a joyful life, as she was named the Happiest Influencer on Instagram by British Vogue.

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