Sumida improves 12.5mm inductor offering

The parts are “ideal for DC/DC converters such as a buck-boost, SEPIC [single-ended primary-inductor converter] and zeta for non-automotive applications”, according to distributor New Yorker Electronics, which is stocking the parts. “This new model is an upgrade to the CDRH127/LD,” it added.

There are twenty-three variant with inductance ranging from 1μH to 1,000μH with current handling from 20A to 70omA while resistance varies across 6.5Ω to 1.5kΩ – all max values.

Temperature range is -40°C to 105°C including self-heating – typical operating current needed to raise part temperature to 60°C in a 20°C ambinet varies from 14.2A to 820mA depending on part (respectively).

Moisture sensitivity level is rated at 1.

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