The 17 Best Everyday Perfumes You Won’t Get Tired Of

It’s just really nice (and convenient) to have a signature fragrance—you know, that one perfume that’s just “you” that you can spritz on at any time without a second thought. I’m talking about those everyday fragrances—the ones that when people get a whiff of them, they know you’re around. It’s the scent that you can wear to really complete your look or that you put on when you need a little pick-me-up before you head out the door.

But if you’re looking for a signature or everyday fragrance, you have to choose wisely. You don’t want something that’s way too trendy, because it could go out of style in time, so think of something more timeless, whatever that means to you. You probably want something that transcends seasons and also occasions—nothing that’s just for daytime or nighttime events. And most importantly, you want to find a scent that you won’t get tired of. It’s a tall order, right?

So if you’re looking for a signature go-to scent, to help you shop, I asked my fellow editors for their favorite everyday perfumes. Take a look at their recs below for inspiration plus some other highly rated picks.

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