The 26 Best Beauty Finds I’ve Turned My Picky Friends on To

It’s not too surprising why my friends always come to me first for A+ beauty product recommendations. Not only do I receive a nonstop flow of new makeup, hair, skin, and wellness elixirs on a daily cadence (testing all the newness is a 24/7 job!), but I also routinely meet with the industry’s coolest brands and founders, gleaning top-secret sneak peeks at the new launches that won’t hit the public for months. 

Obviously, I can’t share those confidential bottles with my friends until they’ve actually launched, but I do offer up a regular roster of products whenever my friends need a new blush, serum, or self-tanner recommendation. Don’t get me wrong—I always talk about the new and exciting things hitting shelves, but there are certain products I’ve used for years or tried that are so spectacular I recommend them to my loved ones with satisfaction-guaranteed confidence.

Curious? Below, I’m sharing 26 fan-favorite beauty picks I’ve turned even my most product-picky friends on to. Keep scrolling! 

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