The 3 Day Destination Guide to Fort Myers

Planning a destination wedding comes with extra considerations. Where guests will stay, how they’ll be entertained, and even if they’ll enjoy the destination. With a location like Fort Myers, Florida’s islands, beaches, and neighborhoods, you’ll have all of these questions covered for a three-day destination wedding that guests will remember fondly for years to come.

Extending A Wedding Celebration Into Three Days

A one-day wedding comes with plenty of work, but a three-day destination wedding won’t actually be much more work to plan. Transforming a one-day wedding starts by looking at the events you’d like to host. Typically, this includes:

  • A welcome dinner — on the day the majority of your guests arrive, host an informal dinner or happy hour at a restaurant like Tarpon Bay Restaurant for everyone to meet each other. This gives everyone a chance to meet and connect
  • A daytime activity — similar to the welcome dinner, this is a very informal chance for your group to connect again in an even more casual setting. Plan for this to take place either right before, during, or after lunch time. A daytime activity can be anything from picnics to boat outings as a group
  • A cocktail hour — Fort Myers has many restaurants and Al Fresco dining options that will give you plenty of options—or consider a sunset cruise—for an informal cocktail hour before sending guests on their way for their own dinner reservations. Once they’re on their way, move your wedding party to the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant like The Veranda
  • The wedding ceremony — obviously! Whether you’re hosting a morning, afternoon, or evening wedding, you’ll have plenty of amazing locations available for your ceremony
  • A morning-after brunch — after a day of celebrations and libations, a brunch before ending your wedding weekend vacation for your guests is the perfect way to spend extra time soaking in the memories from your wedding. Take the time to hear about the ceremony, food, and dance floor from your guests over waffles and mimosas at Old Captiva House

Inviting your guests to a three-day vacation will mean spreading out events but also giving them time to explore the islands, beaches, and neighborhoods of Fort Myers themselves. 

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Entertaining Your Guests

Other than your main events spread out throughout the three-day celebration, your guests will have plenty of options to entertain themselves. The islands, beaches, and neighborhoods of Fort Myers have over 50 miles of white sand beaches, natural islands, and unobstructed views of jaw-dropping sunsets. The gorgeous and naturally preserved environment is filled with exciting wildlife that your guests will be thrilled to see and interact with.

There are also plenty of activities that will take advantage of their access to the water. If they’re adventurous and ready to jump into the water they can kayak, standup paddleboard, jet ski, and even parasail. If they’re more interested in keeping themselves dry they can also take advantage of boating, fishing, and even low-stress activities like shell collecting on the beach. Or, they can spend time truly relaxing in a spa. There’s truly something for everyone in Fort Myers.

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Where To Host Three-Day Wedding

The events to host a three-day wedding weekend are as important as the locations themselves. Fort Myer’s islands, beaches, and neighborhoods offer some amazing options for your main events.

Ceremony Locations

Check out their beachfront locales like Sanibel Island for incredible seclusion, white sands, and plenty of space that you just can’t get at other beaches. There are also many romantic gardens around the city that can transport you to a Secret Garden destination you’ll dream about for the rest of your life. 

Reception Locations

Fort Myers is home to renowned restaurants, historic buildings, and waterfront hotels like the Pink Shell Beach Resort and Tarpon Lodge. Exchange vows, dip your toes in the water, and then change into your reception outfits. Then spend the evening in an air-conditioned paradise. That air-conditioning is especially great while you’re hitting the dance floor.

Guest Accommodations

Encourage your guests to take advantage of the location by setting up room blocks at gorgeous waterfront hotels in Fort Myers. These stunning resorts are a great place to start:

  • South Seas Island Resort
  • Diamondhead Beach Resort
  • Pink Shell Beach Resort and Spa
  • Marriott Sanibel Harbor Resort and Spa

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Junebug Tip:

When hosting a destination wedding, it’s likely you won’t be meeting with your vendors face-to-face very often—if at all. Which makes your wedding mood board especially important. Use our guide to make sure yours is in tip-top shape! Then share it with your wedding team to keep you all on the same page.

With your three-day destination guide in hand, it’s time to start booking your incredible Fort Myers wedding! Get started on their visitor website that will walk you through everything you need to book an unforgettable destination wedding.

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