The 4 Steps to Putting Together an Outfit That Never Fails

It might be surprising to hear this from a New Yorker, but I’m a morning person. Living in “the city that never sleeps” leads to a robust number of late nights, but no matter what hour I get to bed, I’m always up early doing some sort of exercise. After my trip to the gym, I get to experience my favorite part of the day—playing dress-up.

I used to be a person who incessantly planned their outfits. Every day of the week had an outfit right along with the calendar notifications. Now, I love the flow of getting ready and letting my outfit for each day reflect my mood, so I happily style looks in the moment before I head out the door. The joyous experience of hand-selecting each accessory from my collection is priceless. Below, you’ll find the four-step process that has never failed me.

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