The 6 Best Easy Fashion Brands for Summer

Maybe it’s just me, but every year the moment summer hits my tolerance for fussy fashion plummets. I love a chic-but-impractical trend as much as the next fashion person, but there’s something about the leisurely summer months and warm temps that tanks my threshold for complicated pieces. Blame the pandemic and two years of comfort dressing, but this year it’s hitting especially hard. As much as I love the current trends like cutouts and platforms, there’s just no part of me that wants to wear them at the moment. 

Instead, I’m gravitating toward low-maintenance luxuries like flowy dresses, linen fabrics, and slide sandals. Don’t get me wrong—I still want to look chic and polished, but I’m aiming for pieces I can throw on and not need to think about for the rest of the day. Anything too short, tight, or that needs constant adjusting to ensure nothing is popping out or riding up is going to be a no from me right now.

With this in mind, I’ve focused on six brands that encapsulate my effortless summer vibe with chic, easy pieces that prioritize both comfort and style. Keep reading to see and shop the best brands for easy summer fashion (in my personal opinion). 

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