The Most Common Mistakes that Standing Desk Buyers Make

Yes, There ARE Standing Desks for Petite and Short users and We Have Them!

If you’re short, you know how challenging it is to find a desk that fits your size–especially if it’s a standing desk.  Since 5′ 4″ is the average height for women, what are those who are “average” or shorter expected to do? If you’re petite, you may think that finding a standing desk the right height is impossible.

The fact of the matter is that most office furniture is made for an average sized 5’9’’ man and the standard desk height is 28” high. Check out our workspace planner to find the right seat and keyboard distance from the floor for your height.

The problem is that shorter users need a desk that can go down to 22” and average users need a desk height of  24-25”. 

Things To Consider

– The Lowest Setting

A common mistake that petite and average height buyers make is that they don’t pay attention to how low their adjustable desk goes. So many folks who are 4’11”- 5’7″, end up buying height adjustable desks that are much too high for them even when brought down to the lowest setting. Most standing desks available in the market lower to only 28″-29″.

The adjustment range is something that you absolutely MUST consider when purchasing your standing desk. If you’re a shorter person then you need to focus on the lowest height setting. Because just sitting and standing ability is not enough, an ergonomic pain-free posture should be possible for the user in both positions.

– The Height Of Your Chair

If you’re petite and using an office chair, you may find that the lowest chair setting doesn’t allow you to pull your chair in. If that’s the case, and you want to keep your existing chair, then you can attach a keyboard tray which will bring down the keyboard and mouse area making it comfortable to type more ergonomically correct. Another option is to use a footrest which will allow you to use the desk at a higher position.

Two Great Adjustable-Height Desks For Petite Users

When it comes to a sit-stand desk for petite people, we like the Workrite HX Sierra Desk and the Workrite Fundamental.

All our Workrite HX desk top surfaces go down to 22” from the floor to top of the table/desk. These are higher end desks with the best motor and electric switch and long warranty. The Workrite Sierra HX Rectangular Electric Height Adjustable Desk has eliminated the lower crossbar that can interfere with knee clearance and under the desk accessories such as mobile pedestals or CPU holders. 

This desk with top adjusts as low as 22” tall for a 5’ user. Workrite Ergonomics Sierra HX is the gold standard of adjustable height workstations for all users both short and tall. 

If you’re looking for a lower-priced option for an adjustable height sit-stand desk for petite users you can use Workrite Fundamental. They’re designed to provide exceptional quality at an affordable price. They feature integrated computerized controls and are some of the most energy efficient sit stand tables in the industry. 

Finding the right ergonomic office furniture for your size and shape need not be complicated! The experts at will help you choose a flexible desk, chair, and accessories within your budget that will serve you for years to come.

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 888-456-ERGO for an ergonomic assessment on finding the right desk for you. Visit us at for more information.

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