What Gaming Chair Does Bugha Use?

If you’re one of the roughly 350 million people registered to play Fornite, perhaps you’ve heard of Kyle Giersdorf?

Maybe you know him better as Bugha, the American streamer and and esports star – arguably best known for winning the Fortnite World Cup in 2019… and a cool $3million in prize money.

With well over 4 million followers on his Twitch channel and 4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, you can pick up tips direct from the maestro himself on how to get better at your favourite games.

If you’re here you’re probably more interested in his gaming set-up and the answer to the question: If you have (literally) millions of dollars in prize money to spend on perfecting your own gaming set-up, which chair would you go for?

Let’s look at what Bugha uses:

What Chair Does Bugha Use?

Like a lot of his fellow gaming stars, Bugha uses the Herman Miller Embody Chair. It’s favoured by, amongst others, Sodapoppin too.

Don’t take just our word for it though, hear it from the man himself, in this behind the scenes tour of his home set-up:

(he talks about his chair at about 2 minutes 50 seconds into that video).

Herman Miller Embody Chair

With a price tag of around $1,500 these chairs are serious bits of kit and a significant investment in your gaming set-up.

You may be saying to yourself: “Are they worth it?” and the answer is a resounding “yes” – especially if you can pick one up in a sale, discount or on special offer.

Obviously being the choice of top streaming gamers like Bugha, you’d expect them to be good but you can rest assured that if you can push your budget to afford one, you won’t regret it.

Herman Miller are famous for making all sorts of furniture but are best known for their chairs. So you know that the Herman Miller Embody Chair has the benefit of decades of research and manufacturing experience put into it.

In fact, the Embody was designed with the input of more than 30 physicians and folks with PhDs in biomechanics, physical therapy and ergonomics. They literally did the research to find out how gamers use chairs differently and designed the Embody to accommodate that.

That takes the form of things like additional padding and layering in the seat section, to make those long hours of gaming more comfortable; specially designed cooling foam to help regulate your temperature whilst you play; ‘PostureFit’ lumbar support to help your spine; and adjustments to the shaping of the support to move around ‘micro-movements’ we all make whilst playing.

The Embody is highly adjustable too. You can adjust:

  • The arm rest height and width
  • The backfit support
  • The seat depth – to suit your gaming position
  • The seat height and tilt.

If we had to have one teeny, tiny criticism of the Embody it’s the lack of a headrest. If, when you game, you sit in a more reclined position the lack of headrest may be an issue.

The structure and seating position this chair uses shouldn’t make this a major stumbling block but if you suffer from neck pain it may be something to consider.

All the Herman Miller chairs are assembled in Michigan in the United States with “durable, sustainable materials”. And Herman Miller are so confident you’ll love it they have the “Your Last Chair” tag line on their website saying: “Unlike other gaming chairs on the market, you won’t have to replace Embody every few years. We rigorously test each and every one of our products, which means they’re built to last.”

They’re worth every last cent.

Final Verdict: Is Bugha’s Chair Worth Buying?

Now you know everything there is to know about the chair Bugha uses.

We can’t promise it’ll make you play as well as him but if you sit at least as comfortably as he does maybe that can help on your journey to the perfect gaming set-up.

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