Who What Wear Podcast: Dr. Apa

I personally, even though I’ve worked in the beauty and fashion world for two decades, have not specifically connected youth or anti aging, along with teeth in that same way. How do those two relate in your opinion?

So your teeth are the support for the lower third of your face. I always use the example of a denture, right? If you see someone that has a denture take it out, their entire lower third of their face collapses, and they put it back in and their lips are fuller, their jaws are fuller, their jaw line is structured, and there’s real vertical height in the lower third of their face. It supports the rest of their face, their skin. What’s happening over time, is we’re getting to a denture, right? So our teeth are collapsing and they’re getting shorter and grinding down. And they’re discoloring and chipping and staining and the obvious things, but their skeletal structure from the beginning will dictate what they’re going to look like. When they go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, they’re looking at facial collapse, but they’re not understanding that it’s their skeletal structure and their teeth. And so the dermatologist is going to say like, oh, well, your lips are longer and thinner, so let’s inject them¬†which is going to make it fuller, and down more, or they’re going to do a lip lift. But it’s not going to change the overall structure of the lower third of their face, which is really what they need. So if you understand facial aging, teeth have everything to do with how old you look and how fast. Now, obviously, it has nothing to do with skin and things like that, but it has everything to do with the support of your face.

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